Germex provides a full range of marketing and management services, including sales and purchases, financing, warehousing, risk management (delcredere), insurance, logistics, market research and consulting.

Financing and risk management

Financing and advanced risk management concepts are key features in today’s trading environment.

Typically, we can arrange coverage against bankruptcy, suspension of payments or late payments. This coverage is individually tailored to the transaction and to the particulars of local legislation. We work in close cooperation with different credit insurance companies, even in very remote markets.



Our consulting services create turnkey solutions – even for complex tasks ahead. For our partners we offer consulting services based on

- our experience in finance and transactions
- our experience as an agent of our clients and suppliers
- our network and
- our trading and logistics activities.

Based on detailed knowledge especially in the Asian as well as in the Central and Eastern European markets, we are ready to discuss potential opportunties and risks and their possible business impacts. Together with our clients, we create solutions underpinned by appropriate market and financing strategies. In selected cases we even join transactions by providing our partners diversified financing sources.