We supply the fiber industry


Germex is a privately owned sales and marketing organization focusing on worldwide supply of Viscose and Synthetic fibers to the textile, non-woven and paper industries.

We have an excellent knowledge of our customers as well as a profound product and market expertise. As one of the preferred partners of the industry, we provide outstanding service to our suppliers and customers. By finding logistical solutions, providing financial service and taking care of the risk management we provide addtional value to the business.

As member of the Europcell Group, Germex takes advantage of the synergies from more than 20 years of experience and the extensive network built in the related fibers and paper business environment.

The group’s business is driven by a dynamic young team of over 60 employees comprising of more than 15 nationalities selling to more than 70 countries. Building bridges between our principals and customers is our highest priority.